Retirement is a common concept in our society. Some employers offer retirement benefits to their employees, either in the form of a pension or by matching the employee’s contribution to a retirement account. Retirement seems like a reasonable expectation for a lot of people.

Naturally, many people look forward to retirement. It is a time when one no longer has to devote a large part of their waking hours toward working in order to make a living. There is more time for rest, hobbies, and spending time with family.

While there is nothing wrong with retiring from a job, we must remember that retirement is not an option when it comes to our spiritual responsibilities. We can never “retire” from being Christians. We are told to “be faithful until death” (Revelation 2:10). The Hebrew writer warned us to not “come short” of the promised rest (Hebrews 4:1).

Let us never quit our service to God. Rather, let us follow the admonition of the Hebrew writer: “Be diligent to enter that rest, so that no one will fall, through following the same example of disobedience” (Hebrews 4:11).

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