Daily Bible Reading Plan Plus Articles (Free PDF)

Daily Notes & Observations

As the new year approaches, many of you are planning to start (or continue) a regular practice of Bible reading. It is important that we have the word of God “treasured in [our] heart” (Psalm 119:11) and that we know how to “accurately [handle] the word of truth” (2 Timothy 2:15). The only way we can do that is to know the Bible. To do that, we must have a regular habit of reading and studying the Scriptures.

To help you with this, I have put together a free PDF that contains two things:

  1. A chronological Bible reading plan that will take you through the whole Bible in a year.
  2. A short article for each day that corresponds with the daily Bible reading.

There are several different ways of reading through the Bible in a year. The reason for using a chronological reading plan is that it makes it easier to see how the different books of the Bible fit together – such as the history of the kings and the writings of the prophets.

The articles for each day highlight one thought from that day’s Bible reading. This means there are 365 Scripture-based articles on a wide range of topics taken from every area of the word of God.

When you download the PDF, it will list the dates with the Bible reading for each day and a link to the article that corresponds to the reading for that day.

Free PDF

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The free PDF is no longer available on the website. However, the series of posts is still online so you can read through the material that way.

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