Great Days in History: Introduction

Great Days in History

If we look back through history, it is easy to see that the level of freedom we have enjoyed in the United States since the founding of the nation is certainly not typical. Those of us who have only lived under such blessed conditions often find it difficult to comprehend living in a society in which the people do not enjoy freedom, especially when we realize that the vast majority of mankind has not enjoyed the liberties that we have as American citizens. The fact that a free society such as ours exists – and has continued as long as it has – is truly remarkable.

We might wonder what had to happen in order for the principles of freedom to take root and flourish in the West generally and in the United States specifically. In the book, 7 Tipping Points that Saved the World, authors Chris Stewart and Ted Stewart highlighted seven events in human history that were critical to the birth and development of a free society. Had the outcomes of any of these events been different, our generation may have never known the freedoms we know now.

Throughout history, there have been pivotal events that have vastly altered the futures of individuals, tribes, nations, and civilizations. The present has been shaped by the past with certain events being especially monumental.

While we might appreciate the great benefit of liberty and the advantage of living in a free society, there is something else that is far more important – eternal redemption and salvation from sin. Just as the blessing of freedom was made possible for us by several key events throughout history, the gift of salvation was brought about by several key events in which God carried out His scheme of redemption.

In this series of lessons, we are going to examine these great days in history – not in secular history, but days of spiritual importance – in order to help us appreciate and take advantage of God’s plan to bring us home with Him in heaven for eternity.

Below is a schedule of the lessons in this series:

  • March 5 – Introduction
  • March 12 – Part 1: The Day of Creation
  • March 19 – Part 2: The Day of Jesus’ Birth
  • March 26 – Part 3: The Day of Jesus’ Crucifixion
  • April 2 – Part 4: The Day of Jesus’ Resurrection
  • April 9 – Part 5: The Day of Pentecost
  • April 16 – Part 6: The Day of Judgment
  • April 23 – Part 7: The Day of Eternity
  • April 30 – Part 8: Today

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NOTE: This material was originally preached by the author as a series at the Eastside church of Christ in Morgantown, Kentucky from July 9, 2017 through August 27, 2017.

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