Are You Redeeming the Time?

[The following was slightly adapted from a sermon outline by A.W. Dicus entitled, ‘Christian Economics.’]

WatchesEach week contains 10,080 minutes. What do people do with their time?

The time spent by a fairly active church member on spiritual activities:

  • Attends on Sunday, three hours = 180 minutes
  • Attends on Wednesday night = 60 minutes
  • Reads the Bible two hours = 120 minutes
  • Prays 15 minutes daily = 105 minutes
  • Visits the sick, three hours = 180 minutes
  • Total time for the Lord = 645 minutes

The time spent on other activities:

  • Sleeps daily, eight hours = 3,360 minutes
  • Works five days, eight hours each = 2,400 minutes
  • Recreation and rest = 3,675

His time:

  • Pleasure = 36.5%
  • Sleep = 33.3%
  • Work = 23.8%
  • For the Lord = 6.4%

Are you a 6% Christian?

[NOTE: The point of this is not to argue that work should be abandoned, that sleep is unnecessary, or that any amount of downtime is inappropriate. Instead, this should cause us to stop and examine our lives to be sure we are “making the most of [our] time” (Ephesians 5:16). More than likely, we will each find ways to increase the quantity and/or improve the quality of the minutes we devote to spiritual activities.]

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