The Continuing Effort to Normalize Sexual Immorality (04.22.21)

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Plain Bible Teaching Podcast

In this episode, we’re going to be talking about three different news stories that are all centered around a theme – the continuing efforts to normalize sexual immorality in our society. This is being done within the religious world and by those who are outside of it.

STORY #1 – Half of U.S. Christians Say Casual Sex between Consenting Adults Is Sometimes or Always Acceptable

“Many Christian traditions disapprove of premarital sex. And even though Christians in the United States hold less permissive views than religiously unaffiliated Americans about dating and sex, most say it’s acceptable in at least some circumstances for consenting adults to have sex outside of marriage, according to a recent Pew Research Center survey.

“Half of Christians say casual sex – defined in the survey as sex between consenting adults who are not in a committed romantic relationship – is sometimes or always acceptable. Six-in-ten Catholics (62%) take this view, as do 56% of Protestants in the historically Black tradition, 54% of mainline Protestants and 36% of evangelical Protestants.

“Among those who are religiously unaffiliated, meanwhile, the vast majority (84%) say casual sex is sometimes or always acceptable, including roughly nine-in-ten atheists (94%) and agnostics (95%) who say this. The religiously unaffiliated, also known as ‘nones,’ are those who describe themselves, religiously, as atheist, agnostic or as “nothing in particular.”

“The survey did not ask respondents if they themselves would engage in any of these practices. Instead, the questions asked if they found the practices acceptable ‘regardless of whether you would do it yourself.’” (Pew Research)

STORY #2 – Mainline Pastors Drive Growth in Pastoral Support for Same-Sex Marriage

“A new survey from Nashville-based Lifeway Research asked Protestant pastors their thoughts on same-gender marriages and civil unions.

“In the most recent survey, 24% of pastors say they see nothing wrong with two people of the same gender getting married. Almost three-quarters say they disagree (72%), with 67% strongly disagreeing.

“The near quarter of pastors in support of same-sex marriage are up from previous Lifeway Research studies—20% in 2018 and 15% in 2010.”

“The increase in support for same-sex marriage among Protestant pastors can be attributed to changing attitudes among certain groups, especially mainline pastors.

“In 2010, 8% of self-identified evangelical Protestant pastors said they saw nothing wrong with two people of the same gender getting married, while 32% of self-identified mainline Protestant pastors said the same.

“Today, as a decade ago, 8% of evangelical pastors say they have no issues with same-sex marriage. Among mainline pastors, however, support has jumped from a third to almost half (47%).

“Presbyterian or Reformed (49%), Methodist (47%), Lutheran (35%)… see nothing wrong with same-sex marriage…” (Lifeway Research)

STORY #3 – Parent Sues New York for the Right to Marry Their Adult Child

“A lawsuit filed in New York by a parent wanting to marry his or her adult child is seeking to overturn the state’s laws against incest. The litigant bringing the case has opted to remain anonymous due to the ‘morally, socially, and biologically repugnant’ view society holds for the act of incest.” (Disrn)

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