Celebrating America During Worship Services (07.01.21)

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This week we’re going to be talking about patriotism and the church. This Sunday is the 4th of July. Many churches around the country are going to be having special patriotic elements incorporated into their worship services. Is this a good thing or not? What does the Bible say that would relate to this? We’re going to discuss that today.

Pastors Favor Patriotism for July Fourth Services

“Six in 10 Protestant pastors (61 percent) say it’s important for July Fourth worship services to incorporate patriotic elements to celebrate America, according to a survey by Nashville-based Lifeway Research. And while they plan to celebrate the birth of the nation, more than half (53 percent) agree their congregation sometimes seems to love America more than God.

“Most of the 1,000 Protestant pastors surveyed say their church will change its worship service to acknowledge America’s Independence Day. Two-thirds (66 percent) plan to include special music honoring America.” (Lifeway Research)

4th of July Changes in Churches

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