The Debate between Creation and Evolution (09.09.21)

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This week we’re going to be talking about the debate between creation and evolution. Is this still a debate in our society anymore? As Christians what should be our position? We’re going to consider this in our episode today.

Science Quietly Wins One of the Right’s Longstanding Culture Wars

“The bitter culture wars over the teaching of evolution in public schools dominated headlines throughout the 2000s, in large part because of the Bush administration’s coziness with evangelicals who rejected the science on evolution. Yet flash forward to 2021 — when the acrimonious battle over science has shifted from evolution to pandemic public health — and few youngsters are apt to have any idea what ‘intelligent design’ even means. Curiously, despite the right seizing on face mask science and immunology as new battlegrounds in the culture war, the fight over evolution is all but forgotten. In fact, for many Americans, it is completely forgotten.

“Though it might seem hard to believe, Americans are more scientifically literate than ever in 2021 — so much so that creationism has become a minority opinion. And Americans are likewise been able to identify intelligent design and other forms of creationism as the inherently religious theories that they are.

“We know this thanks to a new study published in the journal Public Understanding of Science, one which analyzed surveys of public opinion since 1985 and noticed a trend in attitudes about evolution. As more Americans became highly educated…acceptance of evolution grew accordingly.

“From 1985 until 2010, there had been a statistical dead heat among Americans who were asked if they agreed that ‘human beings, as we know them today, developed from earlier species of animals.’ Acceptance then began to increase, becoming a majority position in 2016 and reaching 54 percent in 2019.”


“While it is welcome to scientists that acceptance of evolution continues to spread, fundamentalists still pose a threat to America’s overall scientific literacy.” (Salon)

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