Monthly News Roundup (09.30.21)

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This is the last episode for the month of September – time for our monthly news roundup. In this episode, we’ll be talking about the number of kids growing up in two-parent families, a shrinking pool of donors for churches, and a TV preacher raising money to speed up the return of Christ.

STORY #1 – Number of Kids Growing Up in Two-Parent Families Increases to 70%, Highest Figure in 30 Years

“The portion of U.S. children who live with both parents exceeded 70% in 2020, reversing a nearly 30-year-long trend, data shows.

“70.4% of children under 18 live in two-parent households, and 63% of minors reside with both birth parents, according to the Current Population Survey by the U.S. Census Bureau, Institute for Family Studies (ISF) reported.” (Life News)

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STORY #2 – Churches, Religious Organizations Face Shrinking Pool of Donors

“Those who are giving to religious organizations are donating more per household, but fewer Americans are donating to charities — including churches.

“The latest giving study from Indiana University’s Lilly Family School of Philanthropy found slightly less than half of U.S. households (49.6%) gave to a charity in 2018. The average amount donated that year was $2,581. The media [sic] amount per household was $850, which means that half of donation amounts were above that number and half were below. In 2006, 65.5% of households made charitable donations with an average of $2,213 and a median of $870.

“Almost 8 in 10 households with more than $200,000 of wealth gave to charity in 2018. For households with wealth less than $50,000, however, less than 4 in 10 made donations.

“‘The overall pie (in giving) is slowly moving towards the ultra wealthy,’ John List, an economics professor at the University of Chicago who studies giving, told Religion News Service (RNS).” (Lifeway Research)

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STORY #3 – Famous Preacher Says Your Offering to TV Ministry Will Speed Up the Return of Jesus

“Jesse Duplantis made a stunning statement recently during a TV fundraiser for Victory TV. He declared that believers, ‘can speed up the time’ of Christ’s return through their financial donations to the ministry.” (Charisma News)

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