A Social Media Problem Bigger Than Censorship (12.09.21)

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This week we’re going to be talking about social media censorship. Many Christians believe this to be a major problem – perhaps even THE major problem – with social media. While censorship is a matter of concern, should we think of it as the biggest problem we face as Christians on social media? We’re going to discuss that on this episode.

STORY – Censorship Isn’t Christians’ Biggest Social Media Problem

“Not too long ago I was having a conversation with someone about why I write so much about my concerns regarding Christians and our relationship with the social internet. This person has some insight into Christian organizations, how they are led, and why they often focus on the issues they do. He said to me, in paraphrase, ‘It’s a lot easier to get Christians to care about and give money to combat social media censorship than it is to get them to care about how social media is forming our hearts.’

“I was frustrated by what this guy said, but I couldn’t refute it. I’ve been on the radio every other week for the last seven years, most of that time to talk social media. I’ve spoken in front of a few groups of people about social media and Christians’ relationship with it. Among any group of people I’ve had the privilege to speak among on these issues, the issue that is often talked about the most or asked about during Q&A is social media’s (or the general internet’s) censorship of Christians.

“A lot of Christians are concerned about social media censorship. Too few are concerned about social media discipleship. This isn’t surprising. We are more interested in the ways we can form the world than we are with the ways the world is forming us.

“This isn’t to say social media/internet censorship isn’t a problem. It certainly is. But I worry we as Christians are more interested in protecting our expression than we are our hearts.” (Terms of Service)

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