Top 5 Articles on Plain Bible Teaching in 2014

Top 5 Articles of 2014

As another year draws to a close, I went back and checked the site statistics to see what posts received the most attention. Anymore, this is about the only time during the year I check the stats, but it is interesting to see what articles and topics people have taken the most interest in. So here are the “top 5” posts, based on number of page views.

Top 5 new articles (posted this year):

  1. Why Do We Meet on Sunday Evening? (06.11.14)
  2. The Most Frightening Verse in the Bible (08.13.14)
  3. Presuming to Know the Mind of God (02.12.14)
  4. Houses in Which to Eat (01.15.14)
  5. Characteristics of Truth (03.19.14)

Plus, here are the top 5 older articles (posted in 2013 or earlier) that continue to generate interest:

  1. Are the Jews Still God’s Chosen People Today? (02.11.11)
  2. The Older Women Must Teach the Young Women (05.02.12)
  3. The Fields are White for Harvest (08.09.09)
  4. A Leap of Faith (03.05.10)
  5. Conservative vs. Liberal (02.22.10)

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