Plain Bible Teaching Podcast (Season 11)

Plain Bible Teaching Podcast

Last week we wrapped up Season 11 of the Plain Bible Teaching Podcast. The theme of this season was lessons from the book of Proverbs. You can listen to the audio from all of the episodes on this page. You can also click on the link for each episode to see the show notes and download the audio files if you’d like.

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Episode 1: Wisdom Shouts in the Street

Episode 2: The Timeless Nature of Wisdom

Episode 3: How Blessed Is the Man Who Finds Wisdom

Episode 4: Things Which the Lord Hates

Episode 5: Go to the Ant, O Sluggard

Episode 6: Know Well the Condition of Your Flocks

Episode 7: Do Not Look at the Wine When it Is Red

Episode 8: Keep from the Adulteress

Episode 9: An Excellent Wife

Episode 10: If Sinners Entice You, Do Not Consent

Episode 11: Proverbs About Government

Episode 12: Commit Your Works to the Lord

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