Top 5 Articles on Plain Bible Teaching in 2019

Top 5 Articles of 2019

It’s that time of year again – time to take a moment and look back and see what happened throughout 2019. On Plain Bible Teaching, that means looking back and seeing what were the most-read articles on the site for this year. I’m always interested to see what makes the list. What I thought were the “best” articles are not always the ones that you, the reader, found most interesting or helpful. So here are the “top 5” posts based on the number of page views.

Top 5 new articles (posted in 2019):

  1. The Influence of Calvinism in Our Song Books (05.08.19)
  2. Taking the Lord’s Supper Out of the Assembly (03.13.19)
  3. How to Silence False Teachers (07.17.19)
  4. How to Determine If One Is a Christian (06.12.19)
  5. The Demands of Discipleship (09.18.19)

Plus, here are the top 5 older articles (posted in 2018 or earlier) that continue to generate interest:

  1. A Short and Powerful Sermon (09.17.05)
  2. What Happened After Saul’s Conversion? (03.31.11)
  3. The Older Women Must Teach the Young Women (05.02.12)
  4. The Fields Are White for Harvest (08.09.09)
  5. Who Is Qualified to Preach the Gospel (02.01.08)

Also, here are the top 5 articles posted on the Plain Bible Teaching Facebook Page this year (based on reach):

  1. How to Discuss Contentious Topics (01.16.19)
  2. The Influence of Calvinism in Our Song Books (05.08.19)
  3. “Christ Did Not Send Me to Baptize” (04.04.19)
  4. The New Birth (03.06.19)
  5. Taking the Lord’s Supper Out of the Assembly (03.13.19)

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