Top 5 Articles on Plain Bible Teaching in 2020

Top 5 Articles in 2020

Well, we’ve reached the end of an eventful year. It’s important to take time at the end of a year to reflect on what has happened as we prepare for what will be coming in the future. Here on Plain Bible Teaching, one of the ways I do this is by going back and seeing what were the most-read articles on the site for this year. It’s always interesting to see what made the list. Normally the list of top 5 older articles stays pretty consistent, but this year it is quite different from previous years. I’m posting the list here as a record for myself and because it may be of interest to you as well. So here are the “top 5” posts based on the number of page views.

Top 5 new articles (posted in 2020):

  1. Does Persecution Cause the Church to Grow? (01.22.20)
  2. Ask for the Ancient Paths (02.05.20)
  3. A Year of Jubilee (01.01.20)
  4. Contentment: What It Is and Is Not (08.19.20)
  5. Practicing the Golden Rule (06.03.20)

Plus, here are the top 5 older articles (posted in 2019 or earlier) that continue to generate interest:

  1. Bible Lessons for Times of Civil Unrest (04.29.15)
  2. The Ancient Paths (06.01.08)
  3. Public Confession of Sin (07.18.18)
  4. What Happened After Saul’s Conversion? (03.31.11)
  5. How to Receive God’s Grace (10.08.14)

Also, here are the top 5 articles posted on the Plain Bible Teaching Facebook Page this year (based on reach):

  1. Social Issues (Part 4): Gender Roles (04.20.20)
  2. The Cross as a Symbol (08.05.20)
  3. The Entitlement Mentality (07.15.20)
  4. Practicing the Golden Rule (06.03.20)
  5. Rules for Religions Discussions (05.06.20)

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