Book Review: Growing Up in the 2020s

Growing Up in the 2020s (cover)There have always been challenges for young people, especially for those who are trying to be faithful to the Lord. However, it seems like the present may be especially difficult. Not only are young people needing to overcome the temptations prevalent in the culture, but those who are trying to help them – parents, grandparents, Bible teachers, etc. – may not know quite how to address certain topics because they truly seem unique to our modern society.

Growing Up in the 2020s: A Bible Study Workbook for Teens by Trevor Brailey is a workbook that is designed to help young people navigate the current cultural landscape. In addition to being a preacher, the author also works as a substitute teacher, giving him additional insight about what teenagers are facing.

In the first lesson, this book begins by pointing out how our society is shifting “away from principles of Biblical morality” (p. 3). There are three philosophies or worldviews that are driving this:

  1. Postmodernism – the rejection of the concept of objective truth
  2. Secularism – the removal of religious beliefs from public life
  3. Worldliness – being concerned with things of the world more than being right with God

Throughout the rest of the book, the author addresses some of the most obvious issues facing society today – homosexuality, transgenderism, pornography, and the prevalence of social media. He also discusses some issues that may seem less apparent, but are still crucial to deal with today – the rejection of responsibility, a lack of patience, the entitlement mentality, the expectation of continual entertainment, and more. In each lesson, the issues are defined in a way that makes them easy to understand and addresses each of them from a Biblical perspective. They are specifically directed toward young people, yet the material can also be used by older Christians as a way to understand what is going on today in order to be better equipped to help the younger generation in dealing with these challenges.

There are a total of sixteen lessons in this workbook, but three of them are labeled as “bonus lessons.” So the book can easily be used in a class that follows a quarterly schedule. However, if you’re not bound to a quarterly schedule, then there are sixteen valuable and timely lessons to study.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book from the author, but not with the request that I write a review. Yet after reading it I wanted to share it here. Trevor Brailey is a sincere Christian and a conscientious Bible student and I commend this book to you.

This book is available on Amazon – Growing Up in the 2020s: A Bible Study Workbook for Teens (affiliate link)

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