Book Review: Marx, Lenin, and Jesus

Marx, Lenin, and Jesus (cover)After an election season, many may be burned out by politics. However, the subject of this book is still an important topic and one that is more than just a political one. The book we will review here is one that I recently read: Marx, Lenin, and Jesus: Communism or the Bible? by David E. Pratte.Continue Reading

Book Review: A Bountiful Eye

A Bountiful Eye (cover)I recently had the chance to sit down and read A Bountiful Eye: Insights from Proverbs on Wealth and Riches by John Allan. As the subtitle indicates, the book examines what the wise man had to say in the book of Proverbs pertaining to wealth. This may be a topic that some Christians are uncomfortable talking about, yet it is one that the Scriptures address for us.Continue Reading

Book Review: Tactics

Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian ConvictionsAfter hearing this book recommended at least a couple of times and since it dealt with a topic I wanted to learn more about, I picked up a copy of Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions by Gregory Koukl. I read it a few weeks ago and it was excellent.Continue Reading

Book Review: Gospel Preachers

Gospel Preachers: Listen and Learn by Benjamin Lee (cover)As a preacher, I periodically try to read books on the topic of preaching in order to learn from others about how to improve in this work. Earlier this year I read Gospel Preachers: Listen and Learn by Benjamin Lee. The book is contains a series of questions that were posed to several preachers of varying levels of experience and their responses to these questions.Continue Reading

Book Review: King of Hearts

King of Hearts (cover)I recently had the chance to read a new book by Brady Cook – King of Hearts – a comprehensive biography of King Solomon.

Bible students are familiar with Solomon – the son of David, wealthy king, builder of the temple, and the wisest man of the earth. His wisdom has been written down for us in the Scriptures, as well as a record of his failings and departure from God.Continue Reading

Book Review: Calvinism

Calvinism (cover)It has been a while since I’ve posted a book review, but since I was asked by a couple of people for a review of this book, I decided I would post it here. I will try to post other reviews from time to time.

The book under consideration is Calvinism: Built on a Foundation of Sand by Kevin Micuch. Below is the description of the book on Amazon:Continue Reading

Book Review: Three Deceivers

Aaron Erhardt has a new book out called Three Deceivers. I had the privilege of writing the foreword for the book. The following is what I wrote.
Continue Reading