Book Review: The Wisdom Pyramid

The Wisdom Pyramid (cover)With the rise of the internet and the instantaneous communication and continuous stream of information that is now available to us through our computers and smart phones, there is a real danger that we may be consuming too much of what is harmful, frivolous, inaccurate, and inferior, and not enough of what can provide us with the wisdom that comes from above. As we learn how to manage our use of such technology, we need to make sure we keep it in its proper place so that (1) it does not hinder our pursuit of God and His wisdom and (2) we can actually derive some benefit from this technology. (Yes, both are possible.)

After seeing a recommendation for this book – The Wisdom Pyramid by Brett McCracken – I immediately put it on my reading list because it seemed like an essential topic. I finished reading it about six weeks ago and would definitely recommend it.Continue Reading

Book Review: Christians in the Culture

Christians in the Culture (cover)The world around us has changed immensely during the current generation. Some changes may be seen as beneficial (such as certain advancements in technology); however, we usually think of this in negative terms. The reason for this is because our society – as a whole – has departed from a Biblical worldview. This has made the culture around us more ungodly and the sins that used to be shameful even for the world to speak of have become prevalent and accepted.

With this as the reality in which we find ourselves, how should we respond as Christians?

This book – Christians in the Culture: Pursuing Jesus in the 21st Century Western World – seeks to answer that question. The followers of Christ have always needed to be different from the world, yet those differences are even more pronounced now than they were in previous generations in this country. However, we need to be careful not to respond in a way that will hinder our ability to be an influence for good. Consider this quote from the foreword of the book:Continue Reading

Book Review: Growing Up in the 2020s

Growing Up in the 2020s (cover)There have always been challenges for young people, especially for those who are trying to be faithful to the Lord. However, it seems like the present may be especially difficult. Not only are young people needing to overcome the temptations prevalent in the culture, but those who are trying to help them – parents, grandparents, Bible teachers, etc. – may not know quite how to address certain topics because they truly seem unique to our modern society.

Growing Up in the 2020s: A Bible Study Workbook for Teens by Trevor Brailey is a workbook that is designed to help young people navigate the current cultural landscape. In addition to being a preacher, the author also works as a substitute teacher, giving him additional insight about what teenagers are facing.Continue Reading

Book Review: Marx, Lenin, and Jesus

Marx, Lenin, and Jesus (cover)After an election season, many may be burned out by politics. However, the subject of this book is still an important topic and one that is more than just a political one. The book we will review here is one that I recently read: Marx, Lenin, and Jesus: Communism or the Bible? by David E. Pratte.Continue Reading

Book Review: A Bountiful Eye

A Bountiful Eye (cover)I recently had the chance to sit down and read A Bountiful Eye: Insights from Proverbs on Wealth and Riches by John Allan. As the subtitle indicates, the book examines what the wise man had to say in the book of Proverbs pertaining to wealth. This may be a topic that some Christians are uncomfortable talking about, yet it is one that the Scriptures address for us.Continue Reading

Book Review: Tactics

Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian ConvictionsAfter hearing this book recommended at least a couple of times and since it dealt with a topic I wanted to learn more about, I picked up a copy of Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions by Gregory Koukl. I read it a few weeks ago and it was excellent.Continue Reading

Book Review: Gospel Preachers

Gospel Preachers: Listen and Learn by Benjamin Lee (cover)As a preacher, I periodically try to read books on the topic of preaching in order to learn from others about how to improve in this work. Earlier this year I read Gospel Preachers: Listen and Learn by Benjamin Lee. The book is contains a series of questions that were posed to several preachers of varying levels of experience and their responses to these questions.Continue Reading