Book Review: The Man of Galilee

man-of-galileeIn The Man of Galilee, Atticus Haygood sets out to show the reader that Jesus is the Son of God. He directs his writing toward the skeptic, and presents arguments that can be used to show the deity of Christ to someone before they believe that the Bible is the word of God.

Haygood addresses the claims that Jesus was an invention of the gospel writers and that Jesus was just a man. He makes his case by considering who the gospel writers were, and Jesus’ words, plans, worldview, and life to show that Jesus could be none other than the Christ, the Son of God. Overall, the material in the book was rather good.

However, there were a couple issues I had with the book. The first is the lack of Scripture citations. Granted, the author wrote this for the benefit of those who would not even acknowledge the Bible as God’s word. But even when one quotes a regular piece of literature or reference material, a citation is given. There is little to none of this in this book. So one who wants to verify that the quotations do in fact come from the Bible, or wishes to study them further, needs to have a concordance to find the verses Haygood cites.
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Book Review: Churches of the New Testament


Churches of the New Testament, by Ethan Longhenry, discusses each local church that is talked about in the New Testament – the history & geography of the city, background of the church in that location (their founding and the challenges they faced), instructions and rebukes to these churches as recorded in the New Testament, as well as what happened to these churches after the time that we read of them in Scripture.

The book then goes on to discuss the application for us today. Learning from the examples of these churches, we see what God approves and what He condemns. Longhenry spends one chapter talking about the New Testament Church, representing this as the ideal we are to strive for as we consider the sum of the instructions to the various churches of the New Testament.
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