Book Review: Digression

DigressionDigression is the latest book by Aaron Erhardt in which he tackles the threat of apostasy within the Lord’s church that comes as a result of Christians failing to see the church as being distinct from the churches of man. Once the Lord’s church is seen as being no different than a human denomination, then these denominations become something to be emulated rather than opposed.

What Aaron deals with in his book is nothing new. Every generation must be taught about the one true church and the need for Bible authority in all that we do. Our generation is no different. If these lessons are not taught and learned, then we should not be surprised when the Lord’s church cannot be distinguished from the denominations. We sometimes hear, “the church is only one generation away from apostasy.” This is true. And that is why Aaron’s book is so important.

This book mentions several examples of things that are being done in churches – both churches of Christ and human denominations – that are completely foreign to the New Testament. It shows the disregard for Bible authority that exists throughout the denominational world and warns us to resist the urge to be like them.

Aaron discusses a simple formula for combatting apostasy: respect the pattern, restore the pattern, preach the pattern. This is the job of preachers, elders, and parents so that our generation and the next generation can learn how to be like the church we read about in the New Testament rather than being like the denominations around us, and why this distinction is so crucial.

This is an important book. I highly recommend it to all of my brethren.

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