Regular Christians (Part 12): John Mark

Regular Christians

John Mark was one who departed, but returned to faithfulness. We can read about his failing during the first preaching tour of Paul and Barnabas.

Now Paul and his companions put out to sea from Paphos and came to Perga in Pamphylia; but John left them and returned to Jerusalem” (Acts 13:13).

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Regular Christians (Part 10): Demas

Regular Christians

Demas was one who fell away because he loved the world. Paul mentioned his unfortunate decision in his second letter to Timothy.

For Demas, having loved this present world, has deserted me and gone to Thessalonica…” (2 Timothy 4:10).

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Better Not to Know (Sermon #41)

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Better Not to Know (Sermon #41)

We’re in between season 12 and season 13. During the break we’re posting audio sermons each week instead of the regular episodes. The sermon for this week was preached on February 10, 2019 at the Eastside church of Christ in Morgantown, KY.

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Words Associated with Sin


There are several words in the New Testament that refer to sin. Sometimes these words can be used interchangeably because there is a lot of overlap between them. But there are also some subtle differences in their meanings. We will consider some of these words in this article.
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Was James a Heretic?


There are several statements in James’ epistle that are contrary to popularly held religious beliefs. Let us briefly consider these passages in light of what many churches teach today.
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In the second recorded gospel sermon following the healing of the lame man, Peter told the crowd that had gathered, “Repent…and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out” (Acts 3:19, KJV).

What is conversion? The dictionary would define this as a change in form, character, or function. In the New Testament, it refers to a change to follow Christ. In this article, we will notice three things that happen in our conversion – not only to see how conversion happens, but also to learn how to keep from reverting back to the world.
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Teaching Questions

Jesus as a Boy in the Temple

In our last article, we looked at some good questions asked of a teacher that related to spiritual things. However, not all questions are asked by those needing information. Sometimes questions are asked by a teacher as a way to challenge his audience. Notice the example of Jesus when He was a young boy:

Then, after three days they found Him in the temple, sitting in the midst of the teachers, both listening to them and asking questions. And all who heard Him were amazed at His understanding and His answers” (Luke 2:46-47).

Jesus was God in the flesh (John 1:1, 14). He was not asking questions because He lacked understanding and was seeking instruction. He asked questions as a way to teach. The understanding and answers He imparted while His flesh and blood body was just twelve years old amazed those who heard Him.

This was not the only time Jesus employed this method of teaching. In this article, we will notice just a few examples in the Scriptures of questions that were asked by teachers as a way to lead their hearers to the truth.
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