Top 5 on Plain Bible Teaching in 2021

As 2021 is quickly drawing to a close, it’s time for the annual “Top 5” post on Plain Bible Teaching (normally this has been the top 5 articles, but I’ve broadened that this year). Each year I like to go back and see what were the most-read articles on the site. This is always interesting to me, and hopefully is to you as well. If you missed these articles when they were originally posted, they’re definitely ones you should check out. These are the “top 5” articles based on the number of page views. And, something new this year that I haven’t thought to include before, I’m listing the “top 5” podcast episodes and YouTube videos as well.

Top 5 new articles (posted in 2021):

  1. I. B. Grubbs’ Six Rules of Biblical Hermeneutics (06.16.21)
  2. The Limitations of Man (02.17.21)
  3. The Fruit of the Spirit (09.01.21)
  4. The Christian and Conspiracy Theories (04.14.21)
  5. Purity, Temptation, and Sexual Fulfillment (03.31.21)

Plus, here are the top 5 older articles (posted in 2020 or earlier) that continue to generate interest:

  1. How to Receive God’s Grace (10.08.14)
  2. The Ancient Paths (06.01.08)
  3. Understanding Romans 14 (01.03.18)
  4. The Older Women Must Teach the Young Women (05.02.12)
  5. Abram: The Courage to Leave Home (09.23.13)

Also, here are the top 5 articles posted on the Plain Bible Teaching Facebook Page this year (based on reach):

  1. What If Our Prayers Go Unanswered (01.17.10)
  2. God’s Words to Adam (12.01.15)
  3. “Raccoon” John Smith: Alexander Campbell Was a Fool (03.17.21)
  4. Evangelism, Converts, and Bearing Fruit (11.07.18)
  5. “He Has Denied the Faith” (08.06.14)

Here are the top 5 podcast episodes this year (there was actually a three-way tie for the fifth spot):

  1. Conspiracy Theories (02.11.21)
  2. Progressive Christianity and the Inspiration of the Bible (03.11.21)
  3. Protests against a Communist Regime (07.15.21)
  4. A Year After the Start of the Pandemic – Some Lessons (03.18.21)
  5. Monthly News Roundup (07.29.21) // What Americans Believe about the Resurrection (04.01.21) // Signs of the End Times, Moral Relativism, and Limits on Abortion (02.04.21)

And the top 5 videos posted on the Plain Bible Teaching YouTube channel this year:

  1. I. B. Grubbs’ Six Rules of Biblical Hermeneutics
  2. The Tares among the Wheat
  3. The Fruit of the Spirit: Introduction
  4. Thomas Campbell: Where the Bible Speaks, We Speak
  5. The Fruit of the Spirit: Goodness

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