Plain Bible Teaching on Jesus

The articles below are all focused on the topic of Jesus. They are listed in alphabetical order. Next to each article is the date on which it was published. More articles will be added to this list as they are posted. Visit the Plain Bible Teaching Collections page for other topics.

Plain Bible Teaching Collections: JesusA Better Sacrifice (2/11/08)

A Personal Relationship with Jesus (8/8/18)

Another Jesus (1/1/08)

“Before Abraham Was Born, I Am” (10/23/12)

“Behold, the Lamb of God” (7/7/09)

Christ Is the End of the Law (6/18/14)

Christ Our Mediator (7/19/17)

Did Jesus Bend the Rules for the Woman Caught in Adultery? (8/30/09)

Emphasizing Jesus Christ (10/3/07)

“Greater Love Has No One Than This” (12/21/11)

Hail Rabbi (8/14/08)

How Jesus Became Like Us (1/1/09)

Imagining Jesus (9/8/15)

“In the Beginning Was the Word” (10/1/12)

Introducing Jesus (5/28/14)

Jesus – The Great Debater (2/1/09)

Jesus Christ – Our Perfect Example (10/6/21)

Jesus Christ: Prince of Peace (6/1/06)

Jesus Destroyed Satan’s Power Over Death (12/7/16)

“Lord, to Whom Shall We Go?” (6/2/15)

“Made Like His Brethren in All Things” (12/21/12)

“My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?” (11/1/05)

No One Is Good Except God Alone (8/1/08)

Our Sins and His Cross (12/1/05)

Praying to Jesus (7/1/06)

Seated at the Right Hand of God (8/14/13)

The Anti-Christ (11/1/08)

The Death of Jesus (9/14/16)

The Deity of Christ in Hebrews 1 (1/13/09)

The Good Shepherd (9/24/09)

The Life of Jesus (9/7/16)

The Lord’s Prayer in the Garden (11/1/08)

The Priesthood of Christ (1/1/07)

The Shepherd and the Sheep (7/30/14)

“The Son of Man Has Come to Seek and to Save That Which Was Lost” (11/2/12)

The Tempting of Christ (5/1/06)

The Three Things Jesus Accomplished in His Death (6/3/09)

The Way, the Truth, and the Life (10/1/08)

“This Child Is Appointed for the Fall and Rise of Many” (10/2/12)

Twelve Legions of Angels (3/4/09)

Victory in Jesus (4/5/07)

What Judas Brought to the Garden (12/2/09)

What Was Said About Jesus on the Cross (12/15/09)

What Would Jesus Do? (11/18/14)

Why Do You Call Jesus, “Lord”? (10/9/12)

Why Jesus Came to Save Us (1/31/13)

Why Was Jesus Born (12/23/10)