Is “Complementarianism” an Essential Bible Doctrine? (04.15.21)

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This week we’re discussing the topic of “complementarianism” – a fancy word referring to the belief that men and women have different (complementary) roles in the home and in the church. This idea is not popular in the world today – even the religious world. Yet we need to recognize and uphold what the Bible teaches about this.

STORY – Beth Moore Apologizes for Her Role in Elevating “Complementarianism” Theology That Limits Women Leaders

“First she shook the evangelical world by leaving the Southern Baptist Convention. Now Beth Moore, arguably the evangelical world’s most famous Bible teacher, has begged forgiveness for supporting the theology of male headship rooted in many evangelical cultures.

“In a Twitter thread Wednesday (April 7), Moore took aim at complementarianism, the 20th century theological framework that argues men and women were created for different roles and that effectively champions male headship and female submission.

“For some evangelicals, complementarianism is a line in the sand. Those who question it are seen as undermining belief in the Bible. Moore said that was wrong.

“‘Let me be blunt,’ Moore tweeted. ‘When you functionally treat complementarianism—a doctrine of MAN—as if it belongs among the matters of 1st importance, yea, as a litmus test for where one stands on inerrancy & authority of Scripture, you are the ones who have misused Scripture. You went too far.’

“She also apologized for her past view on the matter.”

“‘I beg your forgiveness where I was complicit,’ she said on social media. ‘I could not see it for what it was until 2016. I plead your forgiveness for how I just submitted to it and supported it and taught it.’” (Religion News Service)

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