Pornography Sites More Popular Than Netflix (10.07.21)

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This week we’re going to be talking about pornography. Probably everyone who listens to this podcast recognizes this as something that is clearly evil. Yet it has become a huge problem in our society, especially with the growth of the internet. Even if we know this, we may not fully realize the scope of this problem. We’re going to see just how huge it is.

Three Pornography Sites Now Top Netflix in Popularity

“At the height of the coronavirus pandemic, Netflix users in the U.S. — of which there are around 75 million — spent a little more than three hours per day on the streaming platform. Even at that, three pornography sites are currently performing better than Netflix.

“According to numbers collected by the analytics site Similarweb, three major smut websites now rank higher than the platform housing the most original content of any streaming service currently available on the internet.

“There’s no doubt pornography is a leading — if not the leading — issue plaguing the current generation.

“A new peer-reviewed study published in the Journal of Health Communication found an astounding 84.4% of male teenagers and 57.1% of female teens have viewed pornography, which often leads to decreased self-esteem, increased propensity toward sexual aggression, greater loneliness, lower overall satisfaction with life, a decline in relationship quality, and poorer mental health, among other things.” (Faith Wire)

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