Bereavement Leave for Abortion (11.18.21)

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This week we’re going to be talking about a new policy in some cities around the country in which they are offering bereavement leave for employees who had an abortion. I first saw this on Ken Weliever’s blog – The Preacher’s Word – and we’ll be citing part of his article for our discussion today.

STORY – Bereavement Leave for Abortion

“As reported by multiple news outlets, the Portland, Oregon, city council has recently enacted a ‘groundbreaking’ policy that provides bereavement leave for employees who undergo an abortion.

“According to CNBC, Pittsburgh, PA was the first US city to pass legislation allowing for employees’ bereavement leave for causes like miscarriage, in vitro failure, or an abortion. Both cities extend a three-day bereavement leave.

“Apparently, other cities including Boston and Waterloo, Iowa are considering similar enactments.

“These policies pose an intriguing question: What are these employees bereaving?

“The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines bereavement as ‘the state of being sad because a friend or family member has died.’

“ offers this definition: ‘1. a period of mourning after a loss, especially after the death of a loved one: 2. state of intense grief, as after the loss of a loved one.’

“Both Pittsburgh and Portland (known as a ‘staunchly pro-choice’ city) are acknowledging a death has occurred.

“If abortion is just a medical procedure like any other procedure, like having your tonsils or appendix removed, why a ‘bereavement leave’?

“Gabriel Vance, director of external affairs for the pro-life group Created Equal, offered this explanation in a facebook live video.

“‘What they are acknowledging is that abortion is a tragic loss – that somebody dies in an abortion. So if you’re getting bereavement leave for an abortion, they are acknowledging that there is a loss of someone – that someone died.’

“‘And who is that? That’s the baby, who is a human being, who is a person.’

“Ironically, in their attempt to further normalize and remove the stigma of an abortion it is a ‘tacit admission that a life was lost’ Vance observed.” (The Preacher’s Word)

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