Book Review: Three Deceivers

Aaron Erhardt has a new book out called Three Deceivers. I had the privilege of writing the foreword for the book. The following is what I wrote.
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Book Review: Characteristics of a Christian

Characteristics of a Christian (cover)Aaron Erhardt just released a new book: Characteristics of a Christian. The description from the Erhardt Publications website is below:

Characteristics of a Christian sets forth 10 qualities that Christians are to possess, including love, humility, hospitality, patience, boldness, etc. This book can be used effectively in adult and teenage classes. It is an “easy read” with questions at the end of each lesson.

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Book Review: 10 Facts About…

10 Facts About... (cover)I recently received a copy of Aaron Erhardt’s new book, 10 Facts About…. Below is a description of the book from the Erhardt Publications website:

10 Facts About… is an easy-to-read, quick resource for those who want facts on a particular topic without a lot of “digging.” 48 topics are covered in 10 bullet points each, with helpful footnotes at the bottom. Several topics have an accompanying article for further study. Topics include Christmas, Dinosaurs, Fasting, Indwelling of the Holy Spirit, Mormonism, One Cup Controversy, Peter and the Papacy, Work Ethic, etc.

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