What Makes One a Preacher? (Season 1, Episode 4)

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What Makes One a Preacher? (Season 1, Episode 4)

This episode discusses the right and wrong reasons for preaching and for one being recognized as a preacher. The reasons discussed are listed below:

Wrong reasons: One is a preacher, NOT because…

  1. He was “called” to preach.
  2. He received an education to preach.
  3. He has been “ordained” to preach.
  4. He is paid to preach.
  5. He wants the praise of men.

Right reasons: One is a preacher because…

  1. He has chosen to preach.
  2. He has made preparations to preach.
  3. He has opportunities to preach.

Article: What Makes One a Preacher?

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B.F. Hall: Choosing Truth Over an Education

B.F. Hall: Choosing Truth Over an Education

Benjamin Franklin Hall (1803-1873), at the age of 18 developed a desire to preach. But he felt that he needed an education in order to do it. His father was not a religious man and told him he could preach under one condition – that he leave home and never come back. So the young B.F. Hall left to pursue the education he thought would be necessary for him to preach.

Leaving home with nothing, Hall could not afford to pay for an education. But he had someone willing to pay for him – his brother-in-law. The only catch was that he join the Presbyterian Church. Hall was unwilling to do this, choosing to hold onto the truth rather than compromise to get something that he desired.
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Who Is Qualified to Preach the Gospel?


It is a commendable thing for one to desire to preach the gospel. Yet not everyone should do it. James wrote, “Let not many of you become teachers, my brethren, knowing that as such we will incur a stricter judgment” (James 3:1). Preaching the gospel is a serious matter.

How would one become qualified to preach the gospel? Many denominations require that their preachers (or pastors/ministers) complete some sort of training at a college or seminary. Some of our brethren believe a preacher should attend a certain college or complete some type of preacher training program or that these somehow make him more able to teach. But if we really want to know what to expect of one who desires to preach, we need not look any farther than the word of God. The New Testament provides a description of one who is qualified (fit) to preach the gospel.
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