The Need for Godly Men

Man at Sunset

Over the last several years, our society has become more corrupt, immoral, confused, and dangerous. At the same time, feminism has attacked the role of men in society, homosexuality and same-sex “marriage” have perverted the role of men in the home, and transgenderism is now seeking to normalize the idea of men ceasing to be men. This is not a coincidence. The result of men not being men, particularly godly men, has had a direct impact upon the deterioration of our society.
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Moses: The Courage to Lead

Take Courage

Moses was chosen by God to lead the Israelites out of the land of Egypt. At first he was hesitant to do this. But in the end, Moses obeyed the Lord, stood against Pharaoh, and led the people out of bondage and toward the promised land.
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