Called As Saints

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To all who are beloved of God in Rome, called as saints: Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ” (Romans 1:7).

One of the terms used in the New Testament to refer to the people of God is saints. This was the term Paul used to address the Christians in Rome (Romans 1:7). It is important that we understand this term and why it was used.
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While Pope John Paul II Moves Closer to “Sainthood,” I Am Already a Saint

The Catholic church is moving forward on their process of recognizing the late Pope John Paul II as a saint. Since a French nun’s recovery from Parkinson’s disease, after she had prayed to the pope, has been declared a “miracle,” John Paul will be “beatified” during a ceremony on May 1. Once he is “beatified,” Catholics will be able to publicly worship the deceased pope. After “beatification,” a second miracle will have to be “verified” to canonize him as a saint.

If you read through the New Testament, it becomes apparent that the Catholic traditions described above are completely foreign to the gospel. Nowhere do we find anything about a pope, let alone praying to or worshipping this man. We read nothing of “beatification” or “canonization.” One of the few familiar terms in the first paragraph is “saint.” Yet even this has been changed from the simple definition we find in the Scriptures.

According to Catholic doctrine and tradition, the late Pope John Paul II is one step closer to being canonized as a saint by the Church.

According to the New Testament, I am already a saint, along with everyone who faithfully follows the Lord.
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