Book Review: Marx, Lenin, and Jesus

Marx, Lenin, and Jesus (cover)After an election season, many may be burned out by politics. However, the subject of this book is still an important topic and one that is more than just a political one. The book we will review here is one that I recently read: Marx, Lenin, and Jesus: Communism or the Bible? by David E. Pratte.

While many Christians may want to dismiss discussions about communism as purely a “political” topic, it is more than that. The author wrote this in the introduction:

“The purpose of this study is to inform people about the real views of Communism, and how it differs from the gospel of Jesus.

“Marxism-Leninism is not just about politics and economics. It is a total philosophy that affects every area of life, including many areas fundamental to Bible teaching. We will see that Marxism is a conspiracy that works by deceit, concealing its real goals until a nation is ready for a violent revolution. Meanwhile, many people have unknowingly been influenced by Marxist ideas.

“What should a Christian do about this philosophy that forcibly dominates 1 1/2 billion people and deceitfully influences the thinking of millions more? Should we not teach against it while we have the opportunity to do so openly? To begin with, we must learn to understand it.” (p. 10-11)

Throughout the book, the author contrasts the teachings of Marxism (Communism) with the teachings of the Bible. He does not simply claim that Communists believe something, he uses their own words to show their views. The chapters cover topics like God, religion, morality, the family, and more.

Many Christians – especially younger Christians – have been led to believe that Communism is in harmony with the teachings of Jesus. Yet at its core, Communism seeks to replace God with the State, corrupt people’s morals, take by force the blessings one receives through hard work and discipline, and abolish the pure religion of Jesus Christ.

This is a short book. Therefore, it is not intended to be an in-depth discussion of the subject. However, it does provide a good introduction to the topic for those who have not yet considered the ideology of Communism in light of the Scriptures (especially for those who have only thought of Communism as being nothing more than a political theory). As time goes on and this ideology becomes more popular in our society, Christians cannot ignore its influence in the church and among our young people. For this reason, I recommend this book.

This book is available on Amazon – Marx, Lenin, and Jesus: Communism or the Bible? (affiliate link)

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