How Politics Has Replaced Religion in America (10.21.21)

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Plain Bible Teaching Podcast

This week we’re going to be talking about politics, but not in the way that political pundits discuss politics. Instead, we’re going to be considering how politics has replaced religion in America and how we need to respond to this as Christians.Continue Reading

Book Review: Marx, Lenin, and Jesus

Marx, Lenin, and Jesus (cover)After an election season, many may be burned out by politics. However, the subject of this book is still an important topic and one that is more than just a political one. The book we will review here is one that I recently read: Marx, Lenin, and Jesus: Communism or the Bible? by David E. Pratte.Continue Reading

Preaching Politics

Michelle Obama recently said there is “no better place” than church to talk about political issues. To some extent she is right. While not all political matters are worthy of our discussion in the assembly of the saints, those “political” matters that are addressed in the Bible will be taught by faithful men who are striving to speak as the oracles of God (1 Peter 4:11), proclaiming the whole counsel of God (Acts 20:27). Therefore, we speak where the Bible speaks, even on certain “political” topics. Some examples of such topics are listed below:
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Campaign Promises

During this time of political campaigns in our country, particularly since this is a Presidential election year, the citizens listen to the promises of the candidates as they decide how to vote. Many people look for the candidate who promises to do the most for them – education, health care, money, etc.

Often, there is no regard for where the money comes from to pay for these benefits. People just want their “free” health care, education, and tax rebates in excess of the tax they paid. They want these things even if it means that the government takes the money from others who earned it.

This type of greed and selfishness is to be expected of those in the world. But it has no place in the life of a Christian. Notice the words of Paul:
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