Plain Bible Teaching on the Church

The articles below are all focused on the topic of the church. They are listed in alphabetical order. Next to each article is the date on which it was published. More articles will be added to this list as they are posted. Visit the Plain Bible Teaching Collections page for other topics.

SERIES: Identifying the Lord’s Church

Plain Bible Teaching Collections: The ChurchAn Institution of Higher Education (3/7/13)

Christ’s Plan for His Church (2/1/17)

Church Growth in the New Testament (1/1/06)

Church Membership (1/19/16)

Congregational Cooperation (3/30/16)

Denominationalism (12/1/07)

Do We Have Authority for a Church Building? (7/1/08)

Houses in Which to Eat (1/15/14)

“I Will Build My Church” (5/4/11)

Is One Church as Good as Another? (5/1/08)

Is the Church of Christ a Denomination? (6/1/09)

Keywords in the Prophecy of the Coming Kingdom (11/3/09)

Let Not the Church Be Charged (7/7/08)

Looking for a New Church (8/31/16)

Measures of a Sound Church (1/1/08)

Non-Denominationalism (1/1/08)

Placing Membership with a Local Church (4/19/11)

Question About Closed Communion (6/29/16)

Teachers in the Church (11/21/12)

The All Sufficiency of the Church (8/1/06)

The Body, Bride, and Church of Christ (3/13/13)

The Church Gathered Together (4/6/16)

The Church Is Not a Charity (11/6/13)

The Establishment of the Kingdom (6/1/07)

The Future of the Church (1/7/15)

The Importance of the Assembly (10/1/08)

The Mission of the Church (6/20/13)

The Problem with Denominations (7/9/14)

The Problem with Organized Religion (6/21/17)

What Is the church of Christ? (4/1/07)

Why Being Non-Denominational Is Not Good Enough (1/21/15)

Why Were They Called “churches of Christ”? (3/4/15)

Will Only Members of the Church of Christ Be Saved? (10/1/05)