American Individualism and Ecumenism in Religion

On January 14, 2009, The Christian Science Monitor posted an article about the growing trend in this country of those who claim to be Christians deciding on their own what they will believe instead of relying on some church or denomination. The following paragraph does a fair job summarizing the main points in the article:

“A sizable majority of the country’s faithful no longer hew closely to orthodox teachings, and look more to themselves than to churches or denominations to define their religious convictions, according to two recent surveys. More than half of all Christians also believe that some non-Christians can get into heaven.”

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Rethinking Divorce recently posted an article titled, An Evangelistic Rethink on Divorce. The article discusses the fact that divorce, which was once looked down upon, is now accepted and defended among many religious people. Some have come to accept divorce by ignoring the Scriptures. But the article talks about those who try to use the Bible to condone it.
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The Christian Chronicle recently reported that the Highland Oaks Church of Christ has recently merged with the nearby Pitman Creek Church of Christ. Yet what is unique about this merger is that each congregation is going to remain where they currently are. They will now be “one congregation meeting in two locations,” sharing “a common staff, eldership, budget and vision.”

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The Lost Tomb of Jesus?

A documentary that aired recently on the Discovery Channel entitled “The Lost Tomb of Jesus” has caused quite a stir among many. In the film, it is claimed that the tomb of Jesus Christ has been discovered. While those who believe the Bible understand that Jesus ascended to heaven as His apostles looked on (Acts 1:9-11), it is good for us to learn how to answer the skeptic. Ethan Longhenry has written a good rebuttal to the claims made in the documentary which is posted on the Renewed in Spirit website. I encourage you to read his article.

“The Lost Tomb of Jesus”: A Review

Nation’s Largest Church of Christ Adds Instrumental Music and Saturday Night Communion

[This article was written by Larry R. DeVore.]

Moses E. Lard wrote in April 1865 at the end of the Civil War these words: “He is a poor observer of men and things who does not see slowly growing up among us a class of men who can no longer be satisfied with the ancient gospel and the ancient order of things. These men must have changes; and silently they are preparing the mind of the brotherhood to receive changes. Do not be deceived, brethren, the Devil is not sleeping. If you refuse to see the danger till ruin is upon you, then it will be too late.” (Quoted in Churches of Christ During the Civil War, page 106, by Dayton Keesee). In the light of happenings today among Churches of Christ, he could have written these words in April 2006.
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