Donahue – Myhan Debate

Donahue-Myhan Debate

This debate will be streamed live online December 11 & 12 at 7:00pm CST. You can watch the debate here.
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Bringing Up Children in the Lord (Series)

Bringing Up Children in the Lord

Last week I completed a six-lesson series on parenting called, Bringing Up Children in the Lord. A PDF file containing a condensed version of the outlines for each lesson is available here. Links to the audio files, outlines, and  articles are below.
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A Calvinist's Stunning Admission (Audio)

Calvinism teaches that man is saved unconditionally, solely through the actions of God. This would make it appear as though God would be directly at fault for all those who would be lost. Few Calvinists will admit this. But when you make salvation wholly attributable to God, then likewise damnation is wholly attributable to God.

Below is a clip from the Bible Talk radio program by the South End church of Christ in Louisville, KY. Aaron Erhardt, the host of the show, had a caller who was obviously a Calvinist. Aaron posed a simple question to the caller: Why aren’t the lost saved? Listen to the exchange at the link below.
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Remembering E.A. Dicus

E.A. Dicus

Remember those who led you, who spoke the word of God to you; and considering the result of their conduct, imitate their faith” (Hebrews 13:7).

E.A. Dicus (“Dike”) preached for over forty years for the Lorain Avenue church of Christ in Cleveland, Ohio (where my family attended while I was growing up). He was well-loved and respected by those that knew him. Even though I was not quite ten years old when he passed away, he made an early impact upon me and his example continues to influence me today.

Lewis Willis spoke at his funeral and wrote an obituary that appeared in Guardian of Truth magazine a month later [available online here]. From time to time I go back and re-read Willis’ comments about Dike, just to be reminded about who he was and the work he had done. Today is the twenty-first anniversary of his passing. I wanted to share his story with the readers here, in particular the following excerpt:
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Dealing with Threats to Unity within a Local Church

Recently I’ve preached  a few lessons about things that threaten unity within a local church. The outlines have been posted on my other site – DIY Sermon Outlines. Below is a list with links to the various lessons in that series.
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Some Reflections on the 2011 Florida College Chorus Tour

Being a former student of Florida College and knowing a good number of people who have an affinity to the school, I thought it was important to pass along this article about the troubling practice of the Florida College Chorus performing religious songs.

The performance of these types of songs by the Chorus is nothing new. But the announcement for this year’s tour indicated that “songs, narrations, and scripture readings focusing on the death and resurrection of Jesus” would be included in the performance. During the two years I attended Florida College, I never attended a Chorus concert (even then, I was uncomfortable with these religious songs being performed as entertainment). Shortly after leaving the school, I reluctantly agreed to attend one of these performances when the Chorus came to town on their tour — perhaps I would see my concerns were unfounded (I learned they were not). But I do not remember “narrations and scripture readings” being part of the performance. This appears to be one more step away from the New Testament pattern and toward a pattern of denominational-styled worship experiences.
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Silenced Cries: A New Blog Dealing with the Issue of Abortion

In July 2009, I posted a review of Aaron Erhardt’s book, Silenced Cries, A Study of Abortion. Aaron has recently started a new blog dealing with the topic of abortion. He approaches the issue, not only from a religious and moral perspective, but also as it relates to society in general, as well as politics.

His most recent article is particularly good — Answering Pro-Choice Arguments. In it he clearly and concisely answers some of the common arguments made in favor of abortion

You can visit the site by clicking the link below. I encourage you to check it out and also tell others about it who might be interested.

Silenced Cries