Can Christians Observe the Lord’s Supper Outside of the Assembly? (Episode 5)

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The question we’ll discuss in this episode was submitted to me by several people this week:

Can Christians observe the Lord’s Supper outside of the assembly?

As of right now, the situation with the global pandemic caused by the Coronavirus has caused many local churches to suspend their assemblies. In their place, many churches have arranged to have “virtual” assemblies. Others have opted to gather in homes with just family members or small groups. In either case, many are continuing to observe the Lord’s Supper even though they are not in the regular assembly of the local church. Is this authorized? We’re going to consider what the New Testament has to say to address that question.

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    Thanks Andy and is an excellent podcast and I plan on sharing this with the elders in the church where I will someday soon assemble and partake of the Lord’s Supper. Wishing you the all the blessings of Christ our SAVIOR. Frank

  2. Wayne M Holt says

    Our local congregation did not meet last Sunday (and won’t this one) and we did not observe the Lord’s Supper in my home (some of our members did). I was listening to your podcast for a better understanding.
    One point–at about 24:48 into the podcast you are speaking of Paul traveling to Troas and you said he did not partake of the Supper. That is an assumption on your part. The Spirit did not record Paul and company observing the Supper, but I do not believe we are able to KNOW that he did not do it.
    Just an observation…

  3. Wayne, thanks for your comment and that observation. I probably should have worded that differently. What the Spirit revealed was that Paul observed the Lord’s Supper with the church in Troas. There is no inspired record of Paul (or anyone else) observing the Lord’s Supper outside of the assembly of the local church.

    If that’s an assumption that I made, it would also be an assumption for someone to say that he did observe the Lord’s Supper outside of a local church assembly during his travels. Since both are assumptions, let’s ignore both of them and instead just look at what is authorized. Based upon what the Spirit revealed, what do we KNOW is authorized? Observing the Lord’s Supper in the assembly of the local church on the first day of the week.

  4. Then what should followers of Jesus, those who have been baptized into Christmas do when prevented from attending the assembling of the saints?

  5. Hi Rod, I would suggest they do what would be done any other time they were prevented from assembling on the Lord’s day (for illness or some other reason) – observe the Lord’s Supper the next time they are able to assemble with the local church on the Lord’s day.

    I know we are authorized to partake of the Lord’s Supper on the first day of the week in the assembly of the local church. How would we determine if another place was authorized?

  6. Many Christians dont know what the scriptures say or unwilling to stand up to SATAN .Not only is unscriptural but unconstitutional..use the examples in the 1st centry ,how the chritians reacted when they were given the same

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