What Is Church Planting and Evangelism? (Episode 8)

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What is church planting and evangelism?

Christians have always emphasized the importance of evangelism. Lately, I have also noticed more people talking about church planting. How are we to go about evangelizing? How do we “plant” churches? Rather than following the “experts” in the religious world today, we need to look to the apostles and the pattern they left for us in the New Testament.

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  1. Excellent lesson on starting a

    congregations. Where is the scriptural authority for telling Christians to not assemble on the 1st day of the week. Heb 10:24-25. There are many scriptures for Christians to obey God’s law 1st. When you scatter the coal,they die. Forbidding Christians to obey God’s law today is no different than what was done in the 1st century. Josh 24:15. 2tim 4:1-3. Christians were tried and most failed. Some Christians have asked “why go to the assembly,when I can watch it on TV”how will the elders answer. Iwillgo@mail.com

  2. This lesson needs to be heard by all congregations. Will you be doing a lesson on obeying God’s law instead of mans. I try to convert 1st then show the new Christians why they need the assembly. Elders as and leaders in the church have made my life’s work harder. May God reward them for their actions. Keep preaching the word. JP

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