Good Things to Do When You’re Older

Old man by the water

In a previous article, we discussed some good things to do when one is young. We focused on what young people are to do in order to enjoy life while also pleasing the Lord.

What if we are not young anymore? What responsibilities do we have when we are older?

This is not just about what we are to do when we are “old” (however we want to define that) or at the end of our lives (though it would certainly include that). This is a wide age range, from around 30 years old and up – old enough to influence young adults until death. What does the Bible say about what is good to do when we are older? We will notice six things.Continue Reading

"The Abundant in Years May Not Be Wise" (1/12)

Thought from today’s Bible reading from Job 32-34.

I thought age should speak, and increased years should teach wisdom. But it is a spirit in man, and the breath of the Almighty gives them understanding. The abundant in years may not be wise, nor may elders understand justice” (Job 32:7-9).

After listening to Job and his three friends debate the cause of Job’s suffering, the younger man Elihu finally spoke up. He was frustrated with Job’s answers and the inability of the three men to refute him. Surely the older, wiser men should have been teaching wisdom, not the young man Elihu.
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