Plain Bible Teaching on Preaching

The articles below are all focused on the topic of preaching. They are listed in alphabetical order. Next to each article is the date on which it was published. More articles will be added to this list as they are posted. Visit the Plain Bible Teaching Collections page for other topics.

Plain Bible Teaching Collections: PreachingA Preacher and His Support (10/1/06)

Advice to Young Preachers (9/7/11)

Amos the Herdsman (10/1/08)

Benjamin Franklin’s Beginning in Preaching (1/26/12)

David Lipscomb: No Big Preachers (5/17/17)

Declare All That You See (9/9/12)

“Do Not Omit a Word!” (8/14/12)

Evangelism, Converts, and Bearing Fruit (11/7/18)

“Every Man Can’t Be a Great Preacher” (2/13/19)

Explaining and Giving Evidence (2/19/08)

Great Plainness of Speech (8/1/05)

Hard-Headed Preachers (4/10/11)

How Could the Whole World Have Been Taught? (10/12/16)

How Did the Apostles Carry Out the Great Commission (4/3/14)

How Preachers Make a Living (7/28/10)

How to Use the Bible to Teach Error (11/8/10)

“How Will They Preach Unless They Are Sent” (5/19/15)

Jeremiah and the Parable of the Sower (9/29/21)

Jeremiah’s Commission (5/15/13)

Offering an Invitation in the Assembly (5/1/09)

Positive Preaching (4/1/06)

“Preach Christ, Not the Church” (3/1/07)

Preaching and Writing (9/28/11)

Preparing to Preach (6/1/07)

Quenching the Spirit (11/1/06)

“Raccoon” John Smith: Hard Preaching (4/25/13)

Reasoned Preaching (8/2/09)

Remembering E.A. Dicus (11/3/11)

Reporting Back to Antioch (6/4/11)

Samuel Robert Cassius: “I Had Rather Preach the Gospel for What I Can Eat” (4/6/15)

Should Preaching About Homosexuality Be a Priority? (1/15/13)

Soldiers, Athletes, and Farmers (12/24/12)

Sounding Forth the Word (12/8/11)

Support of Preachers (6/6/07)

Tent-Making Preachers (8/21/13)

The Fields Are White for Harvest (8/9/09)

The Four C’s of Effective Preaching (4/24/13)

The Gospel in the Same Words as Peter Preached It (8/16/17)

The Great Commission: Mission Accomplished (9/1/08)

“The Preacher’s Pledge” – Bible-Based Sermons (2/11/09)

The Preacher’s Work (9/19/18)

The Preaching Demanded by the Gospel (6/25/14)

The Progression from Sound Doctrine to False Teaching (2/3/10)

The Purpose of Preaching (10/1/06)

The Seed of the Sower (10/12/11)

The Work of an Evangelist (12/1/05)

They Prophesy for Money (7/14/12)

Thomas Campbell: “Where the Bible Speaks, We Speak; Where the Bible Is Silent, We Are Silent” (2/15/17)

Those Who Have No Right to Speak God’s Word (8/12/15)

“Uneducated and Untrained Men” (11/17/12)

What Makes One a Preacher? (2/20/14)

“What the Lord Speaks, That I Will Speak” (3/5/12)

What to Call the Preacher (7/26/12)

Whether They Listen or Not (8/27/12)

Who Is Qualified to Preach the Gospel (2/1/08)

“Woe Is Me If I Do Not Preach the Gospel” (12/1/12)

Why “Book, Chapter, and Verse” Preaching? (3/8/17)