David Lipscomb: “No Big Preachers”

David Lipscomb: No Big Preachers

As we look back at history, David Lipscomb (1831-1917) was one of the most influential men associated with the Restoration Movement. With his work as editor of the Gospel Advocate, it can be argued that he was the most influential preacher in the South during his life. Regardless of this, Lipscomb did not consider himself a “big preacher” and did not wish to become one.
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Book Review: Torn Asunder

Torn Asunder (cover)I recently finished reading Torn Asunder: The Civil War and the 1906 Division of the Disciples by Ben Brewster. The book is about the history of the Restoration Movement leading up to the officially recognized division between the Disciples of Christ and the churches of Christ in 1906. But the author took an interesting approach by looking at how the Civil War impacted this division. An excerpt from the book is below:
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David Lipscomb: “The Majority Seem to be Going Away”

David Lipscomb: "The Majority Seem to Be Going Away"

Before the “official” division between the Disciples of Christ and the churches of Christ, David Lipscomb worked hard in doing what he could to prevent the need for division. But eventually he realized that division was inevitable. This deeply saddened him. He had opposed innovations like the missionary society and instrumental music in worship to God. But he lamented the fact that many would not stand with him, thus making division necessary.
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