The Importance of Thankfulness

Bible Thanksgiving

Always giving thanks for all things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to God, even the Father” (Ephesians 5:20).

The Bible clearly instructs us that we are to be thankful to the Lord for all things. While our society places particular emphasis upon thankfulness during this time of year, we are to be thankful to God at all times.

Why is it important to be thankful? The simplest answer is that the word of God instructs us to be thankful. Therefore, it is important to obey this instruction. Yet there is much more involved in our need to be thankful than just this. The Scriptures give other reasons why thankfulness is important. We will consider a few of these here.
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Unworthy of God’s Lovingkindness (1/23)

Thought from today’s Bible reading from Genesis 32-34.

When Jacob departed from Laban and traveled toward his home country, he was fearful of the prospect of meeting his brother Esau. This was certainly understandable since Esau was seeking to kill him when he left (Genesis 27:41-43). When he heard that Esau was coming to meet him with four hundred men (Genesis 32:6), Jacob prayed to God.

O God of my father Abraham and God of my father Isaac, O Lord, who said to me, ‘Return to your country and to your relatives, and I will prosper you,’ I am unworthy of all the lovingkindness and of all the faithfulness which You have shown to Your servant; for with my staff only I crossed this Jordan, and now I have become two companies. Deliver me, I pray, from the hand of my brother, from the hand of Esau; for I fear him, that he will come and attack me and the mothers with the children” (Genesis 32:9-11).

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"May the Lord Give Me Another Son" (1/22)

Thought from today’s Bible reading from Genesis 30-31.

After Leah bore four sons to Jacob (Genesis 29:31-35), her sister Rachel was jealous, wishing she would also be able to bear children. Her emotions got the best of her. She demanded of Jacob, “Give me children, or else I die” (Genesis 30:1). Jacob reminded her that he was not in the place of God; therefore, he could only do so much (Genesis 30:2).

After this, Rachel gives Jacob her handmaid and she bore him two sons (Genesis 30:3-8). Then Leah gave him her handmaid and she bore two more sons (Genesis 30:9-13). Later, Leah bore Jacob another two sons and a daughter (Genesis 30:17-21). All the while, Rachel was barren. Then, at last, God allowed her to conceive.
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Giving Thanks to God for Our Spiritual Blessings

Bible Praying

The Scriptures teach that giving thanks to God is just as important as doing things by the authority of Christ. Paul said, “Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father” (Colossians 3:17). The reason why we are to give thanks to God is because He is the source of all blessings (James 1:17).
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A Call for Praise to the Lord

Psalm 100 is a call for all men to praise the Lord. It also reminds us of the reasons we are to praise Him and what our attitude should be in our praise.

Shout joyfully to the Lord, all the earth.

Serve the Lord with gladness; come before Him with joyful singing.

Know that the Lord Himself is God; it is He who has made us, and not we ourselves; we are His people and the sheep of His pasture.

Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise. Give thanks to Him, bless His name.

For the Lord is good; His lovingkindness is everlasting and His faithfulness to all generations.

There are four points in this psalm that relate to our praise to God.
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Making the Most of Your Time

Pocket Watch

Each one of us is busy with obligations and responsibilities that have been placed upon us and that we have taken upon ourselves. Our lives can be hectic and we sometimes wonder how we will ever have time to do what we need to do. This is just as much of a challenge for Christians as it is for anyone else.

Paul provided some instructions about time management that would be good for us to heed:

Therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise, making the most of your time, because the days are evil” (Ephesians 5:15-16).

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God Knows What We Need Before We Ask


In teaching about prayer, Jesus taught to avoid using “meaningless repetitions.” He explained that using “many words” does not mean that God is going to hear us any better (Matthew 6:7).

Jesus went on to explain one reason why repeating the same words over and over is meaningless: “Your Father knows what you need before you ask Him” (Matthew 6:8).
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