The Gospel in the Same Words as Peter Preached It

Walter Scott – The gospel as Peter preached it

Walter Scott (1796-1861) was one of the early preachers of the gospel in Northeast Ohio and did much to advance the cause of the ancient gospel in that area. In the book, Buckeye Disciples, author Henry K. Shaw noted that without the contributions of Walter Scott in proclaiming the gospel, “it is doubtful if the movement would have gained such momentum in a few years” (p. 45).

However, this “momentum” was not wholly due to the ability or zeal of men like Scott. Many people at that time were waking up to the idea that the gospel that was preached by the apostles was not the same message as the one being proclaimed by denominational preachers. Notice the following example of an individual named William Amend:Continue Reading

Walter Scott: My Bible, My Head, and Brother William Hayden

Walter Scott and William Hayden

Walter Scott (1796-1861), one of the early figures in the Restoration Movement, spent much time preaching in the area known as the Western Reserve (northeast Ohio). In discussing his preaching work, he told the brethren that he needed three things in order to be successful:

Brethren, give me my Bible, my Head, and Bro. William Hayden, and we will go out and convert the world” (Early History of the Disciples in the Western Reserve, p. 111).

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Walter Scott: Who is for the Lord?

Walter Scott (1796-1861) earned the nickname The Golden Oracle for his ability to capture an audience’s attention as he preached the gospel. The following excerpt describes an interesting tactic Scott used one night that resulted in many being converted to Christ.
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Aylette Raines: “I Understood the First I Ever Heard”

Aylette Raines (1798-1881) was sprinkled in the Episcopal church when he was four years old, but by the time he was a young adult, had become a Universalist. When he had the opportunity to hear Walter Scott, a preacher of the gospel, he went to hear him so that he might challenge Scott to a debate. In the excerpt below, Raines recalls his encounter with Scott and explains why a debate never happened.
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